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We Needed High Capacity Without Sacrificing Quality. Here’s How we Did it

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Over the past 20 years, Tom has had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, many amazing people in the agriculture industry. These experiences have allowed him to grow as an individual and eventually led him to Pitura Seeds. He now has the opportunity to work with family, friends, the farm, and the ag industry on a daily basis.

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When we built our new seed plant back in 2019, one of the first conversations I had was with Rod Cockerline at Nexeed. We had a vision to build a brand-new facility for pedigreed seed with a high capacity and also high quality — a sought-after combination.

When I think back to 2017, it’s amazing how much has changed. Back then, we were processing seed in a facility that had been continually upgraded over the years, but that was built in 1950. It was a different time, and while it’s fun to look back on the past with nostalgia, we could see the opportunity ahead and knew it was time to upgrade.

In coming up with our vision, we were faced with a big challenge. Anyone in seed processing knows when you increase your throughput, quality can be the first thing to suffer if you’re not careful. We wanted to maintain quality and ensure ease of operation with the equipment.

Not only did we do that, with Nexeed’s help we built the new plant in six months — something people said couldn’t be done.

I love telling that story because it shows how forward-thinking Manitoba is when it comes to seed processing and the plant-based protein sphere, and what can be done when you build a facility the right way.

Manitoba is helping usher in a plant-based protein renaissance. Plant-based protein is big business, and there’s no room for error. As more Canadians adopt alternative eating habits, the seed industry is watching — and seeing opportunity.

Our company, based in Domain, Man., has partnered with Merit Functional Foods and Protein Industries Canada to develop high-quality pea and canola proteins which will bring additional opportunities to western Canadian farmers.

We’ll utilize our new seed cleaning plant to develop a set of cleaning standards to achieve optimal protein and quality levels for canola and peas. Second, we’ll source and test varieties to determine which have the best agronomic fit for growers in Western Canada, while meeting the quality needed for this application.

We couldn’t have done this without a visionary partner like Nexeed who could help make it happen. It’s an example of how working with the right partner can help you create something that defies all expectations.

Defying expectations is one of my newest mantras in business, and it’s something that our industry partners like Nexeed share with us.