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30 Years of Building a Company: Nexeed’s President Reflects on Lessons Learned

Nexeed is a company that has played a significant role in the seed processing industry for the past three decades. President Mark Metcalfe recently sat down with Seed World Canada’s Marc Zienkiewicz to discuss the company’s journey, achievements, and the exciting developments on the horizon.

The conversation starts with a reflection on Nexeed’s 30-year milestone celebrated in 2023, a significant achievement in an industry that constantly evolves. Metcalfe expresses his pride in reaching this point, particularly noting the growth and positive changes the company has undergone. Despite facing challenges along the way, Nexeed has transformed itself into a formidable player in the seed processing market.

“I remember attending a Grain Elevator & Processing Society meeting many years ago one of the engineers from Viterra said we were viewed as a bit weak in service at the time. It was tough feedback, but it was a wake-up call. We took that feedback seriously and worked hard to strengthen our capabilities,” Metcalfe says.

The journey involved strategic additions to the team, process development, and a commitment to providing top-notch service. Over the years, Nexeed has overcome these challenges and positioned itself as a reliable and capable partner for its clients.

One of the significant transformations discussed during the interview is Nexeed’s partnerships with companies like Schule from Germany and Sweden’s BoMill. These partnerships signal a new era for Nexeed, expanding its reach beyond traditional seed processing into areas such as food processing. Metcalfe highlights that these opportunities have arisen because the company is now better equipped to handle such ventures.

Looking ahead to the future, with 2024 marking Nexeed’s 31st year, Nexeed’s focus is on consolidating the gains made in the past year, navigating recent changes in the team, and introducing new products from Cimbria. Despite not unveiling any major surprises, Nexeed aims to maintain its trajectory of growth and innovation.

“It’s about building on what we’ve achieved and ensuring that our new team members integrate seamlessly into our mission,” he adds. “There are exciting products in the pipeline, and we’ll continue doing what we do best – providing exceptional service and staying ahead in a dynamic industry.”