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Register Now for the Seeds Canada Annual Meeting While There’s Still Time

Registration ends soon for the first in-person Seeds Canada annual meeting, and this year’s event is shaping up to be a significant one.

Taking place in Winnipeg July 11-14, the event will bring together a who’s who of the Canadian seed industry for several days of important policy discussions and networking.

“It’s really the first opportunity for people to get face to face with some of our staff and the board. It will be a first of many things for Seeds Canada come July,” says Seeds Canada Executive Director Barry Senft. Senft recently marked his one-year anniversary as executive director for the organization, which marks 18 months in existence as of July.

The meeting will be packed with policy discussion including a Seed Regulatory Modernization session and the unveiling of the new Seeds Canada strategic plan.

It will also be a chance to celebrate successes and look ahead to coming challenges, Senft says.

“One big accomplishment that I feel that we’ve made through the last year was the assembling of the team that we have now. One of the first things we did when I got there was getting a new organizational chart together to reflect the responsibilities, the requirements of both our members and our clients,” he says.

“Along with the staff coming from the legacy organizations, we have a brilliant team put together to be working on our members and clients’ behalf.”

The proceedings will kick off on the Monday with some outdoor excursions including fishing on the Red River, a golf tournament and a tour of the Pitura Seeds facility in Domain, Man.

Listen to this week’s podcast for more info! Registration closes June 30. Visit the Seeds Canada website for more info.