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DLF Acquires Premier Pacific Seeds

DLF & PPSL Team at PPSL office in Surrey, BC. Source: DLF

DLF has acquired Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. (PPSL), a forage, cover crop, reclamation and turfgrass wholesale seed company located in Surrey, BC since 2001. Prior to the acquisition, DLF Pickseed USA held 40 percent of PPSL’s shares.

“Since 2002, DLF has been a strategic partner of ours, so the acquisition naturally made sense,” said Annette Roy, general manager and one of PPSL’s founders. “With DLF’s extensive research and development network it will give us greater access to industry-leading, new generation grass seed varieties. This is a positive investment in British Columbia’s forage and turf sectors and will enhance our opportunities to serve our customers.”

David Wall, former co-owner, will be retiring from his role as PPSL president that he held for more than 20 years. Annette Roy, industry seed expert with more than 35 years of experience, will remain manager of the seed company, and DLF will retain all of PPSL’s employees.

“DLF’s presence in British Columbia is good news for PPSL customers, who will benefit from enhanced resources and support, and a global R&D network to deliver top varieties,” said Neil Douglas, executive vice president, DLF North America.

The acquisition includes PPSL’s blending and packaging equipment, and operations will remain in the same location. Information on Premier Pacific Seeds products can be found at