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Hempalta Launches Hempcrete for U.S. Construction Market

Calgary, Alta.-based Hempalta Inc. is launching an optimized hemp hurd for use in hempcrete formulations for the United States residential construction market, an Oct. 11 news release said.

At Hempalta’s Calgary production facility they use advanced technology to produce hemp-based products. The release noted hemp is regarded as one of the world’s most sustainable crops as it is renewable, reusable and recyclable.

“Our company is disrupting environmentally destructive products by targeting the growth potential of industrial hemp fiber. We are applying new technologies to commercial-scale hemp processing and delivering a variety of products with the optimized hemp hurd input for hempcrete being our newest offering. It’s exciting as this product will be positioned for the U.S. residential construction sector and can supplement our business in the U.S. market,” Darren Bondar, CEO of Hempalta, said in the release.

In September 2022, hempcrete was approved as a material for use in U.S. residential construction with changes to take effect in 2024.1 Hempcrete is an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete, made from a mixture of hemp stalk hurds and lime binder, the release said. The resulting product is safe, durable and sustainable.