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Canola Issues Cause Concerns Over Vigour

In no particular order, we present the Top 10 Stories of 2022. Here’s the fifth.

After reports of emergence issues with InVigor canola hybrids in June, BASF said in August that it found through investigation that its seed treatment Vercoras and environmental factors may have contributed to the issues.

“We’ve noted that under certain environmental conditions, there’s select InVigor hybrids may demonstrate an unexpected, albeit short term, response to Vercoras seed treatment,” Brent Collins, head of seeds and traits for BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, explained in a phone interview.

The most common symptoms noticed were necrosis of the cotyledons, slow initial plant establishment and reduced plant establishment or plant count, Collins said. In June 2022 BASF issued a statement about reports of emergence issues stating they had created a dedicated team of cross functional scientists and agronomists to examine possible contributing factors.

“The situation was truly both unanticipated, as well as unusual, actually. It really defied what we learned during our product development phase that was conducted over several years,” Collins added.