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These are the Qualities Someone Should Have if They Want to be a Seed Analyst

Seed Check is based in Leduc, Alta.

Our company currently finds itself in the position of having to hire a seed analyst. We recently said goodbye to a long-time employee who is moving to a different province. For years, we’ve been fortunate to work alongside experienced staff members who have become like family. However, transitions are inevitable, and the departure of a beloved colleague like her reminds us of the ebb and flow of professional life.

Morgan Webb, Seed Check President

Seed analysis may not be the most conventional career path, but for those of us who have found our niche within it, it’s a journey filled with purpose, teamwork, and continuous learning.

In figuring out how to attract potential candidates to our team, we’ve thought hard into what makes seed analysis such a rewarding career. In doing so we came up with some qualities that make a great seed analysts. I think these apply to just about anyone who makes their career in the seed sector, but these are especially true for analysts. Anyone looking for an analyst would be well-advised to make these essential qualities for the job:

You have to enjoy being part of a tight-knit group. It’s not just about mastering a rare skill; it’s about being part of a community — a close group of individuals who share a passion for seeds and agriculture. Seed analysis isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle, complete with industry meetings, lifelong connections, and a sense of belonging.

You have to enjoy routine but need to be flexible, too. While the work may seem repetitive at times, every day presents new challenges and opportunities for problem-solving. Whether it’s adapting to seasonal fluctuations or harnessing new technologies, there’s always room for innovation and growth.

It’s not for everyone. The ability to thrive in a laboratory environment, coupled with a passion for hands-on work and critical thinking, is essential. It’s a career that chooses you as much as you choose it — a sentiment echoed by many of us who found ourselves unexpectedly drawn to this field.

But what keeps us going year after year? It’s the sense of purpose that comes from knowing our work makes a difference. Whether we’re ensuring the quality of agricultural products or aiding in research and development, each analysis contributes to a larger goal. And in a world where job satisfaction is often elusive, that sense of purpose is invaluable.

Moreover, it’s the camaraderie and teamwork that make every day enjoyable. Despite spending long hours together in the lab, our team has forged bonds that extend beyond the workplace. We celebrate each other’s successes, support one another through challenges, and find joy in the shared pursuit of excellence.

As we embark on our 22nd year in business, I’m filled with gratitude for the journey we’ve undertaken together. From the founding members who laid the groundwork to the newest additions to our team, each individual plays a vital role in our collective success.