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Canadian Farmers Wanted

Canadian farmers are a declining group, and more will be needed to power the Next Green Revolution according to a release.

By the year 2033, 40 per cent of farmers in Canada will retire, making this one of the biggest labour and leadership transitions in Canadian history. This, along with outside factors, will create a shortage of almost 25,000 farm workers and 66 per cent of farms do not have a plan in place for succession. Like other nations, Canadian farmers are aging, meaning there are fewer working.

There are both short- and long-term goals that are missing pieces, but there is a three-point plan in place. First, is to bring in 30,000 immigrants to work over the next decade, either establishing their own farms or take over current farms that exist. The next part of the plan is to promote agricultural education at a collegiate level with the goal of bringing new students into the programs. Part three of the plan is to continue and accelerate adopting mechanized farming solutions.

The agricultural sector is facing a crisis with labour. A potential positive is that this could become a generational advantage by allowing younger people to start their own farms. With more education and increasing skilled farming immigration, Canada can rebuild and no longer face a labour or farmer shortage.

According to the release, “Budget 2023 was an opportunity to set ambitious goals that capitalize on Canada’s natural advantages in agriculture. While many of the measures unveiled provide temporary relief to various issues, the budget lacked a comprehensive vision for the sector’s future and the climate challenges it is encountering.” This issue provides an opportunity for different groups to come and work towards a solution together.

To solve these challenges will take a new approach and all hands on deck but will provide great opportunity and a positive outcome if conquered.