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A Seed Processing Renaissance: Adapting to the Modern Food Landscape

Schule Food

Thomas Kock is area manager at F.H. Schule Mühlenbau in Germany. Schule has a 130-year history manufacturing food processing equipment. Now, they’ve begun partnering with Canada’s Nexeed to provide the Canadian seed industry with their equipment.

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In the realm of seed and food processing, innovation has become the key to success. Over the years, the industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with cutting-edge technology paving the way for more efficient and diverse food production.

One could draw a parallel between the windmills of yesteryear and the state-of-the-art machinery our company provides today. We have a 130-year history manufacturing food processing equipment. Just like the windmills of old, we’ve adapted and evolved to meet the changing demands of the food processing industry.

Now, we’ve begun partnering with Canada’s Nexeed to provide the seed industry with our equipment. Modern seed processing plants, like modern food processing facilities, are the Teslas of the industry, reflecting a journey from tradition to innovation. While the basic principles of milling remain the same, technology has catapulted us into a new era of processing efficiency and versatility.

Nexeed plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between traditional and high-tech milling. Their collaboration with us serves as a testament to the ever-expanding role of seed processors in the food production domain.

In the past, the focus for seed processing customers of Nexeed was primarily on cleaning and preparing seeds for planting. However, the paradigm has shifted. Today, they are increasingly needing to refine seed and grain for food uses.

It’s important to recognize the diverse range of equipment and capabilities that modern food processing equipment brings to the table. From oatmeal to steel-cut groats, flour, and more, modern food processing technology allows for a wide variety of value-added processing. It’s the equipment you can trust to take your seed/grain further down the production line, transforming it into something your customers can turn into a marketable product.

Whether it’s creating pearl barley, pea fractionation, or lentil splitting, modern technology provides a gateway to adding value. The collaboration between Nexeed and Schule Muehlenbau Germany exemplifies the shift towards innovation and diversification.

As our industries move forward, it’s essential to appreciate how technology and tradition can coexist harmoniously, propelling us to new heights. The windmills of the past may be a distant memory, but their spirit lives on in the innovative machinery of today and how it can be harnessed by seed processors.