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Do More Ag Puts the Spotlight on Men’s Mental Health

The Do More Agriculture Foundation is hosting BroTalk, a fireside chat where men in agriculture will open up about their mental health experiences and what has helped them support themselves and others, on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 12 p.m. CST.

“November is really focused around men’s health and men’s mental health. Qe wanted to host BroTalk to really encourage men having open honest conversations with each other. And we want to use the panel to really showcase men being able to talk and be vulnerable,” Megz Reynolds, executive director of Do More Ag, says.

The free online event will see the male panelists share their real-life stories about the mental health challenges they have faced, practical tips and tools that have aided them in their mental health journey, and a engaging question and answer session to delve deeper into personal experiences and strategies for mental well-being.

Panelists include:

  • Shawn Brook, president of Seed World Group
  • Shawn O’Grady, a social worker and certified mental health clinician
  • Dickson Delorme, known as “Quick Dick McDick,” a farmer, rancher, and comedian who uses his platform to advocate for agriculture
  • Cyle Stewart, a rancher and former bull rider, who uses life experiences to advocate for mental health in agriculture

“It’s going to be a very candid, open conversation about issues that that we face. I think one of the many things that the women in our lives do better than us is talk about what’s going on. So this is an opportunity for us to just talk about what’s going on,” Brook says. “I want you to come listen but probably even more importantly to invite someone to come listen. Who’s that one person in your address book if you would like to invite and if you have more go ahead.”

To register to attend visit the event website.