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SaskCanola and SaskFlax Approve Amalgamation


SaskCanola and SaskFlax are thrilled to announce the successful approval of their amalgamation. This pivotal decision follows resolutions passed at both organizations’ Annual General Meetings in January 2023, marking a year-long exploration of potential amalgamation options.

Yesterday, in a joint effort, SaskCanola and SaskFlax hosted their Annual General Meetings to unveil the feedback gathered through an online consultation survey from Saskatchewan’s canola and flax growers. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor of amalgamation.

Formal voting on the proposed amalgamation occurred during the meetings and received widespread approval, marking a historic moment for the canola and flax industries in Saskatchewan.

Tracy Broughton, the Executive Director, shared, “The collaborative efforts are poised to streamline operations, enhance research initiatives, and provide a more cohesive voice for oilseed growers in the province.” Both Commissions will now collaborate with the Agri-Food Council to amend regulations, officially commencing the amalgamation at the start of the next crop year on Aug. 1, 2024.

The SaskCanola Board, led by Chair Keith Fournier and Vice-Chair Dean Roberts, voted to maintain current leadership, as did the SaskFlax Board with Chair Greg Sundquist and Vice-Chair Patricia Lung. Both boards will continue their respective leadership roles until the final audits are complete, at which point the unified entity will emerge with one board and one staff.

SaskCanola, a producer-led organization established in 1991, is supported by 17,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan canola producers. Its mandate is to provide value to canola producers through research, advocacy, and market development.

SaskFlax, established in 1996 and supported by 3,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan flax producers, is also a producer-led organization. SaskFlax’s mandate is to lead, promote, and enhance the production, value-added processing, and utilization of Saskatchewan flax.