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DLF Launches Seed Portfolio with New Varieties of Alfalfa

DLF is launching an enhanced forage seed portfolio with new varieties of alfalfa. This offers livestock farmers a self-sufficient supply of high quality animal feed for efficient and profitable farming. DLF Alfalfa now complements the broad spectrum of DLF’s grass and clover offerings, providing a high-yielding menu of protein-rich and digestible forage.

Protein-Rich Self-Sufficiency For Farmers With DLF Alfalfa

Uncertainty and fluctuating global commodity prices are driving the demand for home-grown protein. The drought tolerant alfalfa crop delivers more protein than maize and soybean, allowing farmers to obtain a higher degree of protein self-sufficiency. Being a market leader in clover and grass seed, DLF now complements their product range with an extended alfalfa portfolio, targeting dairy and beef farmers.

“We are delighted to extend our alfalfa forage-seed portfolio,” says chief commercial officer Søren Halbye. “Alfalfa offers reliability and profitability to forage growers around the world. DLF also have the global supply networks to ensure that this valuable and sustainable forage crop is widely available to the market.”

Alfalfa For An Optimal Energy-To-Protein Ratio

Alfalfa is a major forage species in many regions of the world and co-distribution with forage grass and clover seed enhances the seed company’s overall forage business.

Furthermore, alfalfa is a good partner for forage grasses. By sowing grass-plus-alfalfa seed mixtures, farmers achieve an optimal ratio of energy to protein. Finally, alfalfa’s drought tolerance secures forage growth through the driest periods of summer.

Strong Alfalfa Breeding Programme From Dlf

DLF has long been a market leader in clover and grass seed. To broaden its market and improve the versatility of its product range, DLF recently acquired the alfalfa genepool and breeding programme from Florimond Desprez.

“Alfalfa plant breeding is now fully integrated within DLFs global R&D network,” says Halbye. “As a result we can offer the market more and better varieties of alfalfa. We have high-performing varieties for the agricultural forage and dehydration markets, together with special varieties for unfavourable soils and organic growers.”

DLF’s scientific approach to plant breeding guarantees a continuous flow of improved varieties. The hallmarks of DLF varieties are better yield, higher protein content, better disease tolerance, improved persistence, a lower tendency for lodging and higher digestibility. The result is a strong line-up of high-performing alfalfa varieties that suit a wide range of climates, soils and farming styles.

Global Testing Network For Winning Varieties

DLFs current research programme concentrates on varieties with dormancy scores from two to five. However, it also offers varieties for warmer climates based on material from the semi-dormant range.

Based on DLFs global breeding and testing network, the plant breeders are developing, screening and selecting alfalfa germplasm derived from many different sources around the world. The company is continually looking to develop the most suitable varieties for climatic and management demands in different regions. DLF Alfalfa is the forage solution for farmers who wants protein self-sufficient, reliable and profitable farming – now and in the future!