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Customer Service is Key to Operations

Director of Operations,

Denis joined Euralis in 2015 as Director of Operations, previously based in the United States. Denis already had a multi-site management function with travel in the United States in Brazil and India. For Denis, the greatness of multicultural exchanges is to promote mutual understanding.

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Euralis operates on three production areas: France, with more than 6,000 ha of multi-species production, Seville with 3,500 ha of production of sunflower, and Cherkassy with 5,000 ha of multi-species production. On each of these three zones we also have an efficient and versatile factory.

Whether production is internalized or outsourced, we are committed to providing our customers with an equivalent level of service and quality. We formalize requirements as strongly with our partners as with our own productions. We are committed to ensure that they are respected.

We have the passion of continuous improvement. Whether related to safety, quality or economic performance, the slope of the experience curve depends first on our ability to learn from the good and the bad experiences. The advantage of multi-site management is the experience accelerator effect since each site can benefit and feed the others. It is a principle that we also have for technical innovations that abound at the moment in the agricultural sector

This requires coordination, maximum anticipation but the great benefits also comes from the exchanges that we can have locally with each team.

For over 60 years, Euralis has been growing. With 11 subsidiaries all over Europe – and 75% of our turnover made at the international level – Euralis continues to show our customers what we value; trust, attention, and creative solutions to what comes our way. Following the guidelines of our four pillars – Innovation, Performance, Quality, and Reliability – Euralis understands how fast things move and we have teams all over the continent to ensure we stay competitive, internationals and always innovative.

We demand quality and we guarantee quality – that is a given for us. We innovate not for us, but we innovate to ensure our customers find the success they work so hard for.