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In a Climate Change Context, Soybean is Developing in Northern Europe

Soybean Technical & Market Manager,

In 1999 Francois graduated as ‘Ingénieur en Agriculture’ from the ESA Purpan Toulouse, France. He then completed his Master in Agribusiness Management in January 2000 at the University of Illinois, USA. From 2000 until 2008 he was the Sales Manager and from 2008 until 2016, he was the Export Product Manager at Euralis. From January 2016 onwards he has been working as the Soybean Technical & Market Manager Europe at Lidea Seeds

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EURALIS, the famous French cooperative from South West France, started soybean breeding in 1975 to be less dependent from US proteins after the first oil crisis and the embargo on soymeal from 1971. Since that time, EURALIS always continued to believe in soybean and developed a real expertise in research to become the n°1 non-GMO soybean breeder in Europe with for example the n°1 variety sold in Europe: ES MENTOR (00).

The years 2012-2014 were strategic. Thanks to its soybean expertise & international presence, EURALIS anticipated the very strong development of soybean surfaces in Ukraine and Russia, then in the EU coming from a strong protein demand. At the same time, political decisions & climatic changes were allowing a more Northern cultivation of soybean.

EURALIS had decided to invest massively in 000/00 soybean breeding as soon as 2012 to answer the growing demands of Northern European countries (Russia, Ukraine, Northern EU).

Now, EURALIS is harvesting the fruits of this strategic investment & expertise with a very rich portfolio in Group 000, as well. The number of varieties registered doubled in the last 2 years pulled by the early 000 product leader: ES COMANDOR, cultivable everywhere in Europe, in Feed or Food and which is becoming the n°1 variety sold with ES MENTOR (00). New very promising 000 varieties are also coming like ES COMPOSITOR but also varieties very rich in proteins (45%) for the Food segment.

Group 000 is now becoming a real force for EURALIS which is offering the most complete soybean portfolio in Europe: from South to North, from West to East and from Feed to Food.

This strong development was possible thanks to:

  • Our 12 multi crops subsidiaries & research stations all over Europe
  • Our 3 soybean breeding stations (Toulouse, Montpellier and Munich) managed by our 3 soybean breeders and supported by a cutting-edge molecular marking laboratory.
  • Our very dense European R&D trials network. The challenges of our Research is now to develop 0000/000 varieties to cultivate soybean even more North.

In the countries where the company has been selling for a long time, the Euralis market share is very high (50% in France, 40% in Hungary, 30% Austria). “Our challenge is to develop the sales to reach at least 30% market share in all new countries in the next 5 years” commented, François Paybou, Market Development Manager. An ambitious objective that should be achieved thanks to the 000 genetics group.