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Seed Treatment Market – Strong Roots and Growing Future, According to CACW 2018

Speaking at the 4th International Seminar on Seed Treatment Technology, held in conjunction with the China International Agrochemical Conference (CACW 2018), Nomman Ahmed, Senior Director of Insights & Consulting at Kynetec, presented the latest insights on the seed treatment market.

Comparing markets, products, farmer behaviour, market profiling as well as evaluating seed treatment technology and the impact on pesticide usage, the seed treatment market has shown greater resilience than other crop protection sectors in times of overall market downturn.

“With integrated pest management moving into focus globally, growers have shown signs of opting for seed treatment over foliar treatments, when under economic pressure,” Ahmed reported to the congress.

“Seed treatment is also increasingly used as an add-on to growers’ regular pest management strategy,” he added. He reported that major market drivers include tighter crop rotations, low commodity prices as growers opt for seed treatment as a lower cost option, and increasing value of seed. On the contrary, market risks include maintaining good practice to ensure that seed treatments deliver the desired impact, regulatory pressure on Neonics and other seed treatment chemistry, and the introduction of stacked traits.

He concluded that the outlook for the seed treatment market is closely related to the seed market, and with the growth in seed value, the future for the seed treatment market is one of great optimism.

Source: Kynetec