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OECD to present Agricultural Policies: Monitoring and Evaluation 2018 on 26 June 2018 in Brussels at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)


The OECD will present its most recent work on measuring agricultural support and monitoring farm policy developments during a panel discussion on “Preparing agriculture for future challenges: Reducing distortions and re-designing policies” at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels on Tuesday, 26 June 2018, starting at 1:15 p.m.

Agricultural Policies: Monitoring and Evaluation 2018 covers the 35 OECD members as well as the 6 non-OECD EU member states and 10 key emerging and developing economies (Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Viet Nam). Overall, the 51 countries covered by the report account for about two-thirds of global agricultural value added.

The report provides up-to-date estimates of support to agriculture along with individual chapters on agricultural policy developments in all countries covered in the analysis. This year’s report shows that progress on reducing and redesigning agricultural support policies remains partial at best, and that most policies remain poorly aligned with often-stated public objectives.

This new work will be presented by Carmel Cahill, OECD Deputy Director for Trade and Agriculture and by OECD’s Martin von Lampe, Senior Agricultural Policy Analyst, with discussion led by Johan Swinnen, Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS.

Information and data from the report, including the main conclusions, will be freely accessible on the OECD’s web site at: You are invited to include this Internet link in reports on the Survey.

Source: OECD