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Bee Health: Data Partnership a ‘Milestone’ in European Campaign

The establishment of the EU Bee Partnership could be a milestone in the fight to protect bees, the chair of the European Parliament’s Bee Week said at the conclusion of this year’s event.

Michel Dantin MEP made his remarks after he and more than 150 other MEPS and stakeholders with an interest in bee health had heard Tobin Robinson, head of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Emerging Risks unit, outline the next steps for the EU Bee Partnership on collecting and sharing data on bee health.

The partnership was the key outcome of a symposium organised by EFSA as part of last year’s Bee Week. Since then, a stakeholder group – representing beekeepers, farmers, NGOs, veterinarians, academia, industry, producers, and scientists – has been working to agree the terms of reference that will guide the work of the partnership.

Speaking on behalf of stakeholders represented in the partnership, Dr Robinson said it was crucial that the platform creates direct benefits to all those who provide the data, and that the analysis of the data produces robust advice to policy makers.

Mr Dantin, who is chair of the parliament’s working group on apiculture and bee health, said: “EFSA has done an important job in getting everyone involved. This moment may well be a milestone in our efforts to protect our bees and pollinators.”

Source: EFSA