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Bayer Encourages Argentine Farmers to a Sustainable Soybean Production

Bayer is committed to further promoting sustainability in agriculture. In September, Bayer Argentina launched the “Certification Training for Red Dorados” (Red Dorados: Network of exclusive dealers) initiative, which aims to collaboratively mobilize distributors and producers to certify their soybean production under the standards of Responsible Production of RTRS and Certified Sustainable Agriculture (ASC) of AAPRESID(Argentine Association of Producers in Direct Sowing).

Certification is a crucial tool to achieve a holistically sustainable production of soybeans and other crops that meet environmental, business and social criteria. For this reason, Bayer and RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy) have a strategic partnership and since 2015 have worked together to certify Brazilian farmers according to RTRS standards.

The initiative “Certification Training for Red Dorados” involves various informative meetings and trainings on the market situation, international demand, sustainable production and the role of certification. It expects to reach more than 100 producers through six dealers from the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Tucumán as a pilot project in this first phase in 2018. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage Argentine producers to implement holistic sustainable production practices that allow them to produce soy with certified social and environmental responsibility.

Bayer together with AAPRESID (ASC) and RTRS will explain the importance of implementing and certifying sustainable agricultural processes and the requirements to achieve them. AAPRESID, RTRS and Bayer will also present the results, the impact and the benefits of certification, and finally they will share the commercial opportunities in the framework of an increasingly demanding international market.

The RTRS and ASC certification standards have shared objectives and are widely complementary schemes. This makes the double RTRS/ASC certification, which has been available since 2013, a competitive advantage for Argentine producers. Bayer is proud and happy to partner in Argentina with AAPRESID and RTRS.

The collaboration of Bayer with AAPRESID-ASC in Argentina is a constant collaboration not only regarding the ASC Certifications, but also in the Certification of Contractors (IRAM standard 14.130), and in an environment protection project. AAPRESID is a non-governmental non-profit organization made up of a network of agricultural producers. Its mission is to promote sustainable production systems for food, fiber and energy through innovation, science and network knowledge management. With its different programs, AAPRESID is one of Bayer’s main allies in achieving excellence in terms of sustainability in agriculture.

Source: Bayer