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Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism Calls for Revision of GMO Directive

The European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) Group of Chief Scientific Advisors has published a statement providing a scientific perspective on the regulatory status of products derived from gene editing, and the implications for the GMO Directive. They see the danger that unless the EU improves the regulatory environment for products of gene-editing, Europe will be left behind in this field, which could also diminish EU influence on ongoing debates at the international level. Therefore, the SAM recommends revising the existing GMO Directive to reflect current knowledge and scientific evidence, in particular on gene editing and established techniques of genetic modification.

“We as ESA welcome this statement and repeat our commitment to further engage with policy makers, stakeholders and all interested parties and work for constructive change. Our goal is to obtain practical and science-based rules for the latest breeding methods that foster public confidence and trust and effectively unlock this great potential for a high-performing, innovative and diversified European plant breeding sector and agriculture, for Europe’s consumers and its environment” says Garlich von Essen, Secretary General of ESA.

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