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International Agricultural Show, February 23 to March 3, Paris

From February 23 to March 3, 2019, the International Agricultural Show is back in Paris. A new edition that will delight farmers and the city slickers we are. This year’s theme is “Women, Men, Talents”. Discover the 4 key sectors of the show promising some very pleasant surprises.

From February 23 to March 3, 2019, the International Agricultural Show (IAS) is back in Paris Parc des Expositions. As each year, the IAS will be the place to be for all players of the agricultural world. Each year, at least 630,000 and 650,000 visitors, a thousand exhibitors and 32,000 professionals come to the show to discover and introduce to the agricultural world.

Through agriculture, women and men build and take care about the ecosystem, tame animal species, produce natural raw materials and convey values. As an activity vital and essential to all countries and societies, agriculture requires from those who master a large number of know-hows a sense of adaptation and creativity.

In line with the current talks about the recognition of a farmin work, the question of the fair price, agriculture jobs, the care given to consumers, the traceability and then ” the way to do”, the International Agricultural Show gives pride of place to women and men developing their talents to supply food to citizens.

Come and discover the 4 sectors of the show:

  • Livestock breeding sectors
  • Crop and plant sectors, gardening and vegetable gardens
  • Products from regions across France and its overseas territories and from the rest of the world
  • Agricultural services and professions

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