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Customer Satisfaction Leader within Lidea,

Passionate about agricultural innovations, Celine got her engineering degree at Bordeaux National Agronomics Graduate School. She started her career at Euralis Semences in 2002 as a junior corn product manager. Now, with a large experience of work in numerous European counties, Celine’s task consists to study markets’ evolution and farmers’ needs, in order to propose suitable solutions and innovative approaches. Celine is currently Customer Satisfaction Leader within Lidea.

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To complete our grain corn portfolio, we are proposing a second-generation of varieties of our very original and exclusive genetics: the Tropical Dent® family. This second wave of corn hybrids offers several efficient and stable varieties regardless of growing conditions. A real craze grows around this new generation where the cultivated areas of these maize varieties are increasing quickly, as more and more farmers rely on its performance.

After 15 years of research, we developed a portfolio of 1st generation new products in 2013, called Tropical­ Dent®, which is exclusive to our Euralis breeding program. These varieties are genetically very distant from other corn sources and that allows Euralis to increase the ‘heterosis’ effect. This effect, also called ‘hybrid vigour’, is the enhancement of the performance of a hybrid compared to its parental lines.

The more parent lines are genetically distant, the more powerful the heterosis and hybrid performance. Moreover, this new and original genetic group combines very well with the different existing genetic groups in maize: European Flint and American dent. There is a wide possibility of combination, providing varieties with a high variability, adapted to every market need.

The strengths of Tropical Dent® are:

  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Dry down

Taking breeding criteria, a step further

Thanks to these varieties, the company has introduced originality, and combining ability in its product portfolio, enriched with performing and genetically varied individuals. This new wave of hybrids comes from a new research approach started in 2010. We strengthened the diversity of conditions, particularly stress tolerance, to respond more strongly to stability criteria. Before this date, our research network was mainly located in Western Europe where growing conditions are standard of good quality. This network permitted us to find the first-generation hybrids adapted to these conditions, such as ES GALLERY, ES­ BRILLANT and others. Since 2010, our research and development network of 190 locations covers the whole range of possible climatic conditions in Europe. Our germplasm is tested in all these environments from the first stage of breeding. This wide network allows identification of two kinds of genetic material: one that is adapted to high potential situations, and one adapted to stress situations. After recombination of these two materials, the second generation of Tropical Dent® was achieved with varieties that are more efficient and stable to strengthen our position in the grain corn market: ES PERSPECTIVE, ES INVENTIVE, and ES FARADAY. The strengths of these hybrids are reinforced in all the varieties of this new generation.

To be continued…