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ESA is now Euroseeds

ESA is now Euroseeds and their new website is now live.

The url of the new website is the same as before:

Euroseeds is still updating a few minor items on their website and in the course of the coming weeks they will implement a few more updates.

Members Area

Euroseeds members can still access the old members area just by clicking on the “MEMBERS AREA” button on the top right of the new website.

Euroseeds will be developing a new members area during the summer months. Their aim is to have it ready for the Euroseeds Congress in October.

Euroseeds Logo

As they are now Euroseeds, they will be using the Euroseeds logo in all upcoming documents and communications. You will find the Euroseeds logo in different formats in the Members Area: Resource Center > Communication > Euroseeds 2019

Background Information

The goal is to present Euroseeds as refreshed and with a more consistent name, better aligning all the projects and services under the same look and feel. Euroseeds also plans to update the website technologies and integrate all the content management systems in one easy-to-use platform.

A main pillar of this exercise is the full integration of the #EmbracingNature campaign in the new Euroseeds universe, both in terms of visuals, tone and messaging.

Euroseeds believe revamping their visual identity and making their name more self-explanatory is a great opportunity to strengthen the sector’s presence and image in the eyes of policy makers, agri-food chain stakeholders and other relevant audiences, especially now, after the EU elections, a very crucial moment of the European politics.

Source: Euroseeds