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Armageddon – First British Bred Hybrid Super-Hot Chilli

Tozer Seeds has a has just released its first British bred hybrid hot chili pepper: Armageddon.

Armageddon, which has been in development for 5 years, is the first British bred hybrid super-hot chili to come out of their chili breeding program. It’s making waves now that the fruits are being sold in Tesco with a score of 1.3 million on the Scoville scale for heat, a close second to the hottest chili, the Carolina Reaper, recorded at 1.5 million.

Super-hot chilies are notoriously difficult to grow because of slow germination, slow growth and low yields. Tozer Seed’s breeding program is developing hybrid varieties, using traditional methods of breeding, which make the plants more vigorous, easy to grow, earlier to pick and much higher-yielding and uniform than older varieties such as the Carolina Reaper.

The chili breeding program isn’t only about heat, other varieties are in development including a standard green chili for the UK market (which has unique requirements). They also have a pot plant chili program developing early fruiting, compact varieties aimed at the growing trend in UK supermarkets for living produce.