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US Hosting CRISPRcon


In less than three weeks, CRISPRcon: Conversations on Science, Society & the Future of Gene Editing will host its first regional event to discuss societal considerations for the future of CRISPR and gene editing technologies across applications, disciplines, geographies, communities, and cultures.

CRISPRcon Midwest will present voices from the Midwest and beyond on October 8 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The full-day forum will feature a thought-provoking lineup of panels, keynotes, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities. Join us to explore critical questions about the role of scientists in public debate, genomic difference and health disparities, agriculture and sustainability, patents and ownership, and more.

The more than 25 confirmed speakers include farmers, social scientists, environmentalists, ethicists, indigenous advocates, patient advocates, gene editing researchers, religious scholars, business leaders, policy experts, and human rights experts. Noted author and pop-culture critic Chuck Klosterman will give a keynote.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to shape the event’s dynamic conversations during the lunchtime Ideas Marketplace session. Register today to express interest in hosting an informal roundtable discussion.