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UN General Assembly Declares 2026 as International Year of the Woman Farmer

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2026 will be the International Year of the Woman Farmer. Photo: GettyImages

The initiative received broad support from more than 100 co-sponsoring organizations.

At a ceremony attended by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small, this initiative was announced to promote gender equity and global food security.

The USDA initiated the resolution, which has achieved broad international support with more than 100 co-sponsoring nations. It highlights the U.S.’s role in galvanizing global efforts to recognize the critical contributions of women in agriculture and addresses the unique challenges they face.

“From the field to the factory, from the classroom to the boardroom, women are fundamental to the future of agriculture. As leaders, it is our responsibility to make sure the next generation of women farmers have equal access to economic, educational and leadership opportunities, and that we dismantle the unique barriers they face so they can continue to take on the challenges of meeting the world’s growing food, fuel and fiber needs,” stated Deputy Secretary Torres Small in a USDA news release. “USDA is proud to have led the U.S. government’s efforts in support of declaring 2026 as the International Year of the Woman Farmer, and we thank the many nations that signed on in support. We look forward to working with partners worldwide to scale up efforts that empower and advance women farmers while tackling global food security in 2026 and beyond.”

This initiative spotlights the role of women in producing up to 80 percent of food in some regions and also aims to elevate their position in leadership, enhancing their representation in decision-making processes. The USDA release stated that the agency continues to transform the national food system, focusing on resilient local production, fair markets, and comprehensive community support. For more information, visit