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Project Manager, Business Development,

Cyprien Goupil graduated from the Engineering School of Agronomy and Food Sciences of Nancy (ENSAIA), complemented by a Master of Business Administration. He joined Euralis Seeds as part of his internship in March 2017 in the Oilseed Crops Business Line. Since October 2017, he has worked as a Project Manager in the Business Development team and is in charge of developing end-users oriented, digital services and tools at the international level.

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Click’n’Seed is our company’s latest tool, which consolidates our digital offer to farmers to support them in the fields of plant production by reconciling performance and respect the environment. Behind this apparent simplicity lies a unique and powerful algorithm developed by Euralis Semences. While most of the applications available on the market offer filtering based on the operator’s data, the Click’n’Seed search engine crosses the information provided by the farmer with complex internal and external statistical data. It only takes a few clicks to access a complete diagnosis and a tailor-made varietal recommendation.

The tool is designed for corn grain and corn silage, sunflower and it allows to advise the operator quickly and easily on the plant variety that is best suited to its needs and its environment and thus, improve the productivity of his plot.

Farmers enjoy several advantages thanks to this scientific tool. Among the immediate benefits are a thorough and rapid analysis of the agro-climatic situation of the farmer. A farmer must consider a multitude of constraints hence the interest in helping him with the diagnosis.

“That’s why we came up with the idea of starting the diagnosis with an assessment of the farmer’s situation. We are the only ones on the market to do that,” says Céline Cauhape, Euralis Corn Market Development Manager.

Thanks to the tool, the diagnosis of the plot and the varietal recommendation are made from a real situation and not from the farmer’s vision. “Often a farmer will remember the last two or three harvests but not much more,” continues Cauhape. “With our new tool, the diagnosis is based on a 15-year history of weather and a varietal database that has been in existence for more than 10 years. This allows the farmer to identify and assess the risk of any stress or disease pressure that may occur on the plot.”

The recommendation is likely to upset the habits of the farmer: “The value of the tool is to make a recommendation from a specific situation that the operator himself has trouble identifying and characterizing. The tool is also given the opportunity to quickly vary its practices to adapt to a better identified situation,” adds Cyprien Goupil, digital project manager.

The second big benefit for the farmer is the gain in productivity. Because a farmer has only one test per year, customization of the answer provided by Click’n’Seed allows to maximize the potential of each plot with its constraints. In addition, personalized density advice helps to limit waste by determining the right amount of seeds to be sown. In this way, the farmer can visualize the trial results in his region. The combination of the two recommendations represents real economic and financial security for the farmer.

The provision of the tool to farmers is planned for 2020 in France and several other countries in Europe. The tool will be deployed for the three species in France, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and for corn grain and corn silage only in Germany. The exact launch date will vary depending on the country campaign calendar.