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Change in CPVO Fees Regulation as of 1st April 2020

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PLANT BREEDERS – In order to ease plant breeders’ financial planning for the year 2020, we would like to inform all applicants that a decision has been taken by the European Commission to update the CPVO fees regulation.

The most significant change concerns examination fees, which are linked to the costs the CPVO pays examination offices for technical examinations. These fees were adjusted to match the real costs of the technical examinations per group category.

Pending publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, new fees will be applicable as of 1st April 2020.

What will change as of 1st April 2020?

For all applications with an application date on 1st April 2020 or later, the following fees will be applicable:

  • Application fees: whilst online application fees remain unchanged (EUR 450), paper-based applications will cost EUR 800 instead of EUR 650 currently. Applicants benefiting from the online fee shall only receive electronic communications with the CPVO during the entire application procedure.
  • Examination fees: examination fees will be adjusted to reflect the real costs charged by the Examination Offices for each group category – as per the table available below.
  • Annual fees: annual fees remain unchanged.

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