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Breeders Trust Expands With Two New German Members


German seed companies Rudloff Feldsaaten and L. Stroetmann Saat recently joined the Brussels-based Breeders Trust at the spring meeting in Tipperary, Ireland.

Rudloff Feldsaaten is specialised in the production and worldwide trade of grass, mustard and fodder radish seeds. In addition, they also have a division focused on the production of animal feed. L. Stroetmann Saat is a seed trading company which markets a wide range of seeds related products.

Breeders Trust was founded in 2008 by six European potato breeders to ensure the enforcement of Plant Breeders’ Rights and to combat illegal production. In 2012, six European grass seed breeding and trading companies also joined and the field of activity of Breeders Trust was expanded significantly. Currently 21 internationally operating breeding and seed trading companies are affiliated with Breeders Trust. The idea behind this is that together the breeders can act more forcefully against unfair production and commercial practices adopted by the often globally operating rogue companies that discredit the good reputation of the entire seed sector.

Christopher Rudloff, general director of the German Rudloff Feldsaaten states: “Breeders Trust has proven to have a good overview of the international playing field and that it is able to act quickly and effectively with its professional network and many years of experience.”

Lutz Stroetmann, general director of Stroetmann Saat GmbH is particularly pleased with the cross-border activities of Breeders Trust. “Where inspection services and authorities often only work nationally, national borders do not play a role for Breeders Trust and they act adequately and in a coordinating manner if several countries and authorities are involved in illegal activities in our field.”

Corné van Beers, project manager of Breeders Trust, is also delighted with the arrival of both companies as ‘Associate grass seeds member’. “It confirms to us that we are doing well in the fight against illegal activities in the global seed business.”

Geert Staring, general director of Breeders Trust concludes: “The more companies join and provide us with information, the better we can see through and tackle international fraud. All our members stand for fair business. That’s what binds them and enables us to act successfully.”