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International Seed Federation Marks 100 Years at World Seed Congress

Landscape from the air in the Netherlands. Gettyimages

A century of of innovation, seed quality and opportunity pave path forward.

This year marks a monumental milestone for the International Seed Federation (ISF) as it celebrates 100 years of unparalleled contributions to the global seed sector and to agriculture. Founded in 1924, the ISF has been at the forefront of advocating for seed policies that support sustainable agriculture and ensure food security worldwide.

Over the past century, ISF has evolved from a small group of seed traders to an influential organization encompassing members from more than 70 countries. Its commitment to innovation and quality has helped introduce rigorous standards in seed testing and plant breeding, revolutionizing the industry and enabling farmers to access high-quality seeds.

The centennial celebrations highlight the federation’s journey through a century of agricultural challenges and achievements. Events include a global conference featuring pioneers in biotechnology and sustainable farming practices, and a commemorative publication detailing the ISF’s impact on agriculture.

As the ISF looks to the future, it remains dedicated to embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering international cooperation. By ensuring that the best, most resilient seed varieties continue to reach farmers around the world, the ISF is planting the seeds for another century of growth and prosperity.

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