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CPVO Internal Decision on End of Crisis in Regards to Management of COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the relaxing of confinement measures and improvement of the sanitary situation in France, Mr Martin Ekvad, President of the CPVO, has decided to dissolve the internal crisis team set up to manage the pandemic and its consequences.

Pursuant to the CPVO Business Continuity Plan, the end of crisis shall be declared once the event has been efficiently managed by the crisis management team or the incident is over.

This decision refers to the way the CPVO deals internally with COVID-19 related matters, after the CPVO switched to a crisis management mode and set up a crisis team (i.e. the BCP team) in March 2020 in order to monitor closely the situation and take a series of exceptional measures for our stakeholders and staff members.

At this stage of the pandemic, where COVID-related matters have become routine and where opening-up measures and massive vaccination campaigns are being implemented by national governments, it has been considered appropriate to revert to a normal management mode.

As of 14 June 2021, the CPVO BCP team will no longer meet and the CPVO management team will therefore address all future questions and take all necessary decisions, both internal and external, relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the fact that there is a duty under the CPVO Business Continuity Plan to inform stakeholder when the decision on end of crisis is taken, we wanted to share this information, so that you are kept abreast in full transparency of CPVO’s latest operational decisions. The decision will have very little or no impact at all on the vast majority of CPVO’s stakeholders.

If the pandemic situation would change drastically in the future, rest assured that we will communicate all relevant measures that will eventually be adopted by the CPVO.

Source: CPVO