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How to Harness the Power of Social Media in Agriculture

Twenty years ago, the term ‘viral’ had an entirely different meaning. Today going viral online can be a positive tool for educators, scientists and everyday people. Simply put, going viral on social media today means the message you’re sending reaches a far wider audience than normal.

That said, going viral is as unpredictable as it is rare. Few actually achieve it, and fewer achieve it with educational messaging. So, set aside aspirations for virility and learn how to influence your circle and your circle’s circle to promote your company, products, technology in agriculture or whatever message is important to you.

On this week’s episode of Seed Speaks, join Ashley Robinson, host and editor of Alberta Seed Guide as she talks with three experts on how social media can and should be a tool used in agriculture:

  • Michael von Massow, professor at the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph. He is also the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) chair in Food System Leadership. von Massow’s research focuses on understanding how people make food choices and the development of value chains to support those choices. He is active on social media and has a proactive outreach program. His FoodFocus blog and podcast hosts current discussions on issues and trends relative to food from farm, to fork.
  • Lesley Kelly, probably better known by her social media handle: High Heels and Canola Fields. Kelly uses her social platforms to dispel myths about agriculture and bring consumers and farmers together. Her goal is to bring people together, create conversations, collaborate and identify solutions that help the ag industry and consumers. Kelly is also a fierce advocate for better mental health in ag and co-founded the Do More Agriculture Foundation. She actively farms in Saskatoon.
  • Ewa Józefowicz Amador, is the client services manager at Seed World Group and owner of Ewa Józefowicz Amador Consultancy. For a number of years, she worked for the Seed Agency in Poland as the manager of foreign affairs. This work included cooperation with the European Commission and conducting numerous workshops for the ministries of agriculture and other official institutions in Serbia, Romania and Moldova in the field of PVP, PBRs and IP. Today she serves as the manager project communications and membership relations in Euroseeds, where she continues to contribute to their team while working with Seed World Group.

Mark your calendar for 12:00 CDT this Wednesday or watch live here: