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Meet the Seed World U.S. Editorial Board


Seasoned seed industry professionals help guide our content strategy and provide exceptional perspective.

By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the Seed World U.S. editorial board, we understand the issues the seed industry is facing. Having a group of seed industry professionals to provide perspective, connections and insight is vital to my work as an editor.

Our board helps shape our content strategy. Members identify emerging trends, potential threats and opportunities within the industry, guiding us to cover topics that anticipate the needs and interests of our readership. This forward-thinking approach helps us stay ahead of the curve, providing valuable insights that professionals in the seed industry can use to make informed decisions.

The board also plays a key role in community engagement. By representing a broad spectrum of the seed industry, the board helps ensure we serve as a comprehensive platform for dialogue and exchange. This inclusivity strengthens the community by fostering connections and sharing diverse perspectives, which is vital for addressing the complex challenges facing the seed industry.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll introduce a member each day! I hope you enjoy learning more about these dynamic leaders who shape YOUR Seed World U.S.