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5 Companies that Stand with Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created shockwaves across the world as officials attempt to pick up the pieces from this senseless attack. While it will take time to rebuild what Russia has destroyed, many companies have publicly stood with Ukraine during this devastating time.

Seed World Group released a statement in early March expressing their support of the Ukrainian people.

“Like everyone around the world, we’ve been watching the conflict unfold in Ukraine. We’re deeply saddened for the unnecessary losses of life and innocent people who have been injured or forced to leave their homes to avoid personal harm.

We’re writing today to say, we stand with Ukraine. We feel for each person who has been affected by this unneeded violence and hope to see a resolution soon.

In the meantime, we will not be doing any business or engaging with any Russian-owned or majority Russian-owned entity. While we understand not all Russians support this invasion, we cannot in good faith support that country at this time until the conflict is resolved.”

Other companies in the industry share Seed World Group’s view and have made their advocation for peace clear.


Corteva announced their decision to withdraw from Russia with the initiation of a plan to halt production and business activities completely, according to a news release on April 24. This action follows the company’s previous pause in new sales.

“Our priorities remain the safety of our employees and global food security,” said Corteva in the release. “Since the onset of this tragic war, we have taken all possible action to support and protect our Ukrainian colleagues and their families, our customers, and the communities in which we operate, including through direct and indirect aid to address the immediate humanitarian needs.”

Corteva has acted accordingly to ensure an as normal as possible 2022 growing season for Ukraine. The company has also pledged to donate seeds to Ukraine, Africa and the Middle East region to help alleviate the effects on global food production, stated the release.


Bayer issued a statement on March 16 saying it has stopped all spending in Russia and Belarus that is not related to supplying essential products in health and agriculture as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Bayer will be:

  • Suspending all advertising and other promotional activities.
  • Halting capital investment projects indefinitely.
  • Not pursuing any new business opportunities.

“From the outset, we have utterly condemned this brutal aggression against a sovereign country. Our hearts ache as we see the devastation and death affecting innocent civilians, including children. Thousands have been killed or wounded, millions are fleeing the country, and the humanitarian situation of those who stay is deteriorating by the hour. We stand by the people of Ukraine who can fully count on our solidarity and support.”

Read more about Bayer’s statement here.


Due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, McCain Foods announced their decision to discontinue the construction work on a new production facility in Russia in a March 10 news release.

Following the initial invasion of Ukraine by Russia, McCain had stopped construction at its Russian production facility in the Tula Oblast region on Feb. 24. With the continued invasion, McCain made the decision to discontinue the project entirely and has suspended all shipments of its products into the Russian market.

McCain has also donated $200,000 to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, the release says.

Read more about McCain’s statement here.


As announced on March 3, 2022, BASF has not conducted new business in Russia and Belarus, in light of the war of aggression against Ukraine ordered by the Russian government. BASF strongly condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine and the violence against the civilian population.

The Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE has now decided to also wind down the company’s remaining business activities in Russia and Belarus by the beginning of July 2022. Exempt from this decision is business to support food production, as the war risks triggering a global food crisis. This decision is driven by the recent developments of the war and in international law, including the fifth E.U. sanctions package.

Read more about BASF’s statement here.


Buhler Industries has restructured its board in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, accepting the resignation of Konstanin Babkin and replacing its chairman.

In a statement on March 2, the company said Babkin was replaced due to being a vocal supporter of the actions taken by the Russian Federation.

“These views are in stark contrast to those of the North American executive team and do not reflect the position or values of Buhler Industries,” the statement reads.

He will be replaced by Adam Reid, currently the vice-president of sales and marketing. Reid has over 15 years of experience with the company and has been pivotal in recent growth, building trust and relationships with the Versatile dealer network, the statement adds.

Read more about Buhler’s statement here.

While the war wages on, the support for Ukraine remains unwavering.

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