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Color Sorting and Inventory Management: Separating Fact From Fiction

Hardware and software have come a long way in recent decades, and especially since the advent of the internet and WiFi.

On the Oct. 26 episode of Seed Speaks, we’ll be joined by two experts who will shed some light on how hardware and software advances are revolutionizing the areas of seed sorting and inventory management: Dan Heesome, product owner for inventory management software producer Primetics; and Mark Metcalfe, president of Nexeed, which specializes in the color sorting realm.

They both work with companies named on Germination‘s Top Most Innovative Products list or 2022.

The Primetics GenWARE Inventory Management App revolutionizes how information is exchanged between back-office and warehouse personnel in seed distribution environments. It provides real-time shipping and inventory data and streamlines stock transaction processing, which would otherwise necessitate multiple communication channels.

Users can use smart barcoding technology to process goods despatch tickets, create and process stock transfers between warehouse locations, perform stock counts, receipt purchase orders, and adjust stock levels all within one app. Users can validate that the correct lots are being moved, adjusted, or counted faster and more accurately by using either the device’s integrated camera or a purpose-built barcode scanner.

Other features include receiving push notifications and automatically sending emails to staff, customers, and shipping companies based on status updates. GenWARE saves its users time, ensures accuracy of stock data and eliminates errors.

The Cimbria SEA.CX (sold and serviced by Nexeed) offers a complete range of optical sorters. Machines are available from one to seven chutes wide. The technology range includes a simple monochromatic version, to bichromatic, NIR, InGaAs, RGB Full Colour, and now Shape Sizing in the SEA.CX.

Optical sorters are among the newest technology in seed and grain processing. This equipment separates particles based on colour and is often found at or near the end of the processing line, after mechanical separations, to remove impurities of similar size and density.

Color sorting is necessary nowadays to ensure the best purity of bulk products, as well as ensuring the strictest food hygiene and health requirements of end-products are met.

Heesome and Metcalfe will join us to answer some important questions about the myths and truths of these technologies, and what you need to know to integrate modern hardware and software into your operation.

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