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Sorting Out Your Sorter Needs

ELICA PRO full installation for cleaning, calibrating and treating seeds.

ELICA PROcessing provides a leading edge for the global market.

Located on the southern bank of the Danube River in Northeastern Bulgaria, you’ll stumble upon the town of Silistra. This industrial and transportation municipality is the home to a 30-year old family business that has a seed sorting foothold in Europe, Asia and South America.

More than 200 employees produce and supply transport equipment for handling and storage of bulk material, processing equipment for cleaning, calibrating and treating seeds, dehulling systems for sunflower seeds, as well as laboratory equipment. Add to that, ELICA PRO has designed, manufactured, and installed the largest in the world plant for dehulling sunflower seeds. These lines of products are integrated with a full spectrum of solutions for vertical and horizontal handling of bulk material, sweep conveyors for silos, sorting and cleaning machines.

We’re known as PROcessors for a reason — we’d like to think at ELICA, we know not only seed processing, but seed sorting as well. And that’s not even the best part.

At 30 years young, we’re just getting started.

Getting Bigger, Better and Time to Celebrate

We’ve been working on our growth since the beginning of ELICA Group, but we’re just getting bigger and better. In 2020, we acquired Italian ASM to expand our services and our specialties to be a better PROcessor. Now, instead of just focusing on PROcessing solutions, we can focus on PROfessional sorting and detecting with Advanced Sorting Machines (ASM) and make our clients’ life easier.

Now, both EASM and ELICA PROcessing are working together to deliver the best turn-key solutions for their customers, with representatives in Europe and South America, the companies are rapidly growing. They supply a wide range of solutions for grains processing and storage, seeds cleaning and treatment, and specialised installations for the food industry.

Not only that, but in 2021, ELICA Group celebrated 30 in the business.

Elica ASM’s optical-electronic sorters has a foothold in the market as a benchmark for the sector. Add to that, the fact that the company operates in contact with the scientific and university world and can translate its vast experience and technical/ scientific know-how into technological applications with high innovative content, both in the optical-electronic sorting and the food safety sectors.

Sorting it Out

When it comes to your sorting needs — there’s plenty of ASMs to choose from on the market, but you won’t find any others like ours. Whether you are looking for a machine to increase the final quality of your seed, need to meet the requirements of low throughput lines and laboratory applications or something a little more versatile, sorting grains, seeds and pulses is something Elica ASM knows how to handle, no matter what solution you are looking for.

One big difference to our products is the hardware. With powerful hardware and advance software algorithms, our QUASAR closely mimic how the human brain processes visual information. It has the widest chutes on the market and processes at lightning speed. Designed to meet the specific challenges if quality control, the machine can sort even the smallest products.

If you’re looking for more of a plug & play option, as well as a compact and moveable machine, our EUREKA line judges the parameters — colors, textures, shapes and size — as a whole. Designed specifically for low throughput lines, this sorter still maintains the same hardware and software that allows it to mimic the human brain — just in a different form!

The VISION series were built for 24/7 continuous operation, with top-quality and durable components. Used on more than 100 applications — from cereals to seeds to salt to even pet food — many different products can be used on the same machine by changing the sorting program.

The POW TEST can analyze powders and detect very small defects, by color,size and shape. This specially designed, high precision machine is tailor made for analyzing powders. The machine detects and counts any defects in the quality of your product. Growers who in the past have had slower and ineffective solutions, this high precision machine, this is specifically designed for fine product handling.

There’s always more to learn. Do you want to see how to take your seed PROcessing systems to the next level? Be sure to learn what’s best for your operation. 

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