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DLF’s Strong Growth Propelling Company Forward

Marcel Bruins, the Editorial Director for European Seed, sat down with Adger Banken, vice president wholesale and procurement GEU at DLF at the Euroseeds 2022 Congress to talk about the strong growth at DLF.

And what is their secret to strong growth?

“I would say it is a combination; it’s acquisition, we have done a major acquisition some years ago on the Southern Hemisphere, where we really increased our global footprint,” says Banken. “Then, it is organic growth, organic growth due to successful products.”

In addition, the dedicated people they work with are of upmost importance.

One key thing for growth is ensuring team members are on the same page — that each team member shares the same global values, the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation and research and development (R&D).

Banken says DLF has been working to introduce more global values to their organization, since their employees come from many different backgrounds. These values help propel teamwork and collaboration.

“The first value we have is what we call environmental sustainability. We have to cope with what’s called the green agenda,” he says. “Specifically in Europe, the Green Deal and, by the first of January, the Common Agricultural Policy.”

But, no matter the values DLF works to create, the most important thing is empowering employees. “People are very important asset to us. We like to give them space to develop,” he says, adding that with these new values, they’ve updated their Corporate Visual Identity.

To hear more, watch the interview above.