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Lidea: Innovation, Fresh Ideas and More

Marcel Bruins, the editorial director for European Seed, sat down with Olivier Paul, CEO of Lidea, at the Euroseeds 2022 Congress to talk about the formation of Lidea, what their customers — the farmers — are facing in their daily challenges, and the safety of their employees working in Ukraine.

When the company was formed, Paul said the key was to onboard people with a clear project in mind.

Lidea, he said, is “customer-centric, with the idea to bring value to the farmers and to have a pipeline of innovation in order to supply farmers to meet their challenges.”

He said he strongly believes — through the hard work of their employees — Lidea will be a major company in the future. He added that most of their employees are farmers or come from a farming family.

“Through that close link to farm to farmers, we are able to better understand their needs, the difficulties, and through that, we should be able to give a better answer to their problems.”

But to help continue to drive new ideas for the business and for customers, Lidea has created a program called Fresh Ideas, which are fresh ideas offering solutions on innovating processes.

“And we have one month Fresh Ideas Sprint where people can express themselves with ideas, so that we can offer new services, new solution to farmers. So this is a process and then we select the one we think will be the most appropriate and we decide to develop them.”

Ideas can be anything from biostimulants to genetics, from the environment to a combination of crops.

To hear more, watch the interview above.