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Corteva: Bringing Solutions to Customers

Marcel Bruins, the Editorial Director for European Seed, sat down with Jean-Philippe Riffat, EMEA marketing leader at Corteva Agriscience at the Euroseeds 2022 Congress to talk about the last few years of change at Corteva.

“We are very young company — we feel like the start-up in spirit, but built on over 200 years of expertise,” said Riffat. “So we’ve been an independent, pure ag player for three years.”

Riffat explained the company was built with the customer in mind — specifically a company that would answer the needs of their customers.

“Over time, we build the company based on a strong purpose that all employees and helps define, which is to enrich the life of those who produce and those who consume for the generations to come,” he said. “Over the last year, we added to this a strong guiding inspiration — or winning inspiration — to define what we want to do. And we want to be the leader in the innovative solution for growers, today and tomorrow, and to be the most valuable ag company.”

As their new email marketing leader, Riffat said he will be focusing very clearly on bringing new innovative solutions to help reach their customer goals, and focusing on seed applied technologies.

“That’s one area where we see we can bring a lot of value to farmers — helping them to have a strong crop establishment with leading technology in fungicide and insecticide, and course, nutrition. Recently, we opened the center in France to support our customer using our seed applied technology. And that will help to make sure we bring the right solutions for them on the seed at the start of the planting.”

To hear more, watch the interview above.