Nominate a Management Maverick Now!

Do you know an amazing Management Maverick? A maverick tends to break away from conventional expectations, showing creativity and originality. This trait can be especially valuable in a seed industry that require innovation and fresh perspectives. Mavericks are usually unafraid to forge new paths or challenge the status quo, making them pivotal in driving change and progress in their environments. We want to celebrate these dynamic leaders.

This fall, we will unveil a list of Management Mavericks—everyone wants to work for these leaders— those who go beyond the ordinary, those who champion employee well-being and inclusion, those who nurture a culture of mentorship and excel in talent retention and career development.

Nominate your Maverick here! The nomination window closes June 15, 2024.

Questions you’ll need to answer when you nominate someone:

1. What is the single-biggest reason you believe the nominee is a Management Maverick?

2. In approximately 100 words, tell us how this person positively impacts the work environment of their company, institution or association.

3. In approximately 250 words, detail notable examples of this person’s innovative management style.

4. What are three to five adjectives that describe this person’s leadership style?