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New Partnership to Offer Pheromone-Based Biological Crop Protection Solutions

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Bayer and French company M2i Group have announced a partnership to provide pheromone-based biological crop protection products to fruit and vegetable growers across the globe. Under the agreement, Bayer will act as the exclusive distributor of specific M2i products that target lepidoptera pests in crops including stone and pome fruits, tomatoes and grapes, according to a release.

As a European leader in pheromone production, M2i Group has expertise in the development, formulation and manufacturing of complex molecules. Bayer plans to integrate a variety of M2i’s pheromone products, such as its press application technology, within a complementary system composed of digitally enabled solutions that encompass pest monitoring tools to offer growers insights into pest pressures and application timelines, in addition to synthetic and biological products geared towards grower needs.

“Tailored solutions that meet growers’ demands for safe and effective products with low or no residue are an important part of Bayer’s biological portfolio,” commented Jens Hartmann, regional head for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “Bringing together M2i’s pheromone products with digital monitoring applications and Bayer’s existing biological portfolio will enable growers to apply the right product at the right time within a holistic approach that benefits their operations.”

With its expertise in pheromone crop protection, M2i has been able to utilize biomimicry to create innovative methods that combat pests by luring and trapping them or disturbing their mating behaviors. The integrated pest management products guarantee that pest populations are kept at controllable levels.

“M2i Group is excited to work with Bayer and to bring our sustainable crop protection products to more growers around the world,” said Phillippe Guerret, CEO of M2i. “Pheromones present an efficient and economical method of crop protection, as they are selective, non-toxic and naturally avoid the development of resistance. M2i’s patented technology leverages innovative application devices, and reliable linear release to bring the potential of pheromones to fields across the world.”

In 2021, Bayer launched its newest crop protection product that is biological and pheromone-based, coined Vynyty Citrus. The product is the first on the market that was formulated with pheromones and natural pyrethrum in order to manage pests in citrus fruits. Products from M2i’s line will work to build on the pheromone-based biologicals products from Bayer.