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Collaboration Between Semillas Fitó and Business Farmers to Reinforce the Foodture Project

The agricultural sector is one of the most active drivers of our economy. Large vertically integrated companies that operate all over the world are recording significant turnover and creating many jobs. At the same time, trends in food distribution — especially those that affect food retailers — are reducing the distance between producers and distributors, with a focus on developing a direct relationship between producers and the purchasing departments of chains. In this context, Semillas Fitó and Business Farmers have come together to turn Foodture, a Semillas Fitó department, into a key differentiating elementin the sector.

The Foodture organization is an innovation-based structure that is establishing itself as a new benchmark in the provision of services to farmers and retailers. To achieve their objective, Semillas Fitó and Business Farmers have developed a team through Foodture made up of technologists and scientists with the aim of introducing new categories to the market that provide differentiation for farmers and retailers, help protect margins and connect the habits of consumers. The idea is to also maximize the value of the existing consumer brands in Semillas Fitó, such as the Monterosa, Waikiki, CRÜ, Wabi-Sabi, Nippo, etc. and achieve a stable positioning on the shelves of retailers.

At a time when the importance of fresh produce for retailers is increasing — by contributing to protecting margins, generating differentiation between chains and maintaining the physical channel — Semillas Fitó’s Foodture department hopes to stand out as a qualitative and differentiating element in the relationship between actors in the chain. To achieve this, it has established a dialogue with farmers that goes beyond technical and production aspects and provides them with solutions on issues related to marketing, positioning, access to channels, innovation, differentiation, packaging, category and quality management. The objective of the project is, ultimately, to establish a qualitative and constructive dialogue between producers and retailers.

Source: Semillas Fitó