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AFBV Agrees With Judgment of CJEU Excluding In Vitro Mutagenesis From the Scope of the European GMO Directive

The French Plant Biotechnology Association AFBV agrees with the judgment of the European Court of Justice (CJEU) which held that organisms obtained by in vitro mutagenesis must be excluded from the scope of the European directive on GMOs.

This exclusion is justified according to the decision of the CJEU “if these organisms are obtained from a technique/method of mutagenesis which has conventionally been used in a number of in vivo applications and has a long safety record with regard to those applications”.

AFBV understands from this judgment that mutagenesis, whether by in vivo or in vitro techniques, benefits from the exclusion regime set out in the GMO legislation. This goes in the direction AFBV hoped for because the use of these techniques helps to develop new innovative varieties essential to our agriculture to produce our food while meeting the challenges of reducing inputs, climate change and the Farm to Fork program.