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New Branding Vision is Launched by Acadian Plant Health

Acadian Plant Health has launched their new branding vision, Sea Beyond, which includes innovative biostimulant solutions, according to a release.

“Our ‘Sea Beyond’ launch is our new vision, leadership and commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for global agriculture,” said Nelson Gibson, president of Acadian Plant Health. “We are challenging conventional thinking to ‘Sea Beyond’ the way the biostimulant industry delivers agricultural solutions that respond to the growing global demand for food and climate stress.”

With this announcement, the company is continuing to build its position within the biostimulant sector. Acadian Plant Health’s research and development offers science-based solutions from sea-to-land. Acadian Plant Health looks to alleviate crop stress from a variety of factors while continuing to improve crop productivity.

“The more we spoke with our customers, the more we realized that there is a misconception of ‘either/or’ when it comes to performance and sustainability,” continued Gibson. “There is a perception that you couldn’t get the yield you needed with ‘eco-friendly’ products. But we’re challenging this conventional thinking. Working together with our industry partners, our biostimulants promise stronger yielding crops in a sustainable manner, which we have been proving with science for the past 40 years.”

In December 2021, the second Formulation Centre of Excellence opened in Malvern, U.K. Acadian Plant Health designed the center to create propriety formulations for their partners. The first Centre of Excellence is in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Acadian Seaplants Ltd is a marine plant harvesting, cultivation and extraction company. It’s the largest independent company of its kind in the world. Acadian Plant Health is a division of that company.