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Barenbrug Announces Acquisition Of Watson Group

The Royal Barenbrug Group announced the acquisition of Watson Group, an independent seed specialist agricultural seed wholesaler according to a release. The acquisition will all Barenbrug to strengthen their UK business and allow Watson Group to consolidate their growth.

Watson Group, based out of Scotland, was founded 33 years ago. The family business was founded by Johnny Watson, a fifth-generation seedsman. The company is involved in retail and wholesale activities in the UK. Barenbrug UK has been a supplier to Watson Group and both companies have the same values of integrity, trust, quality, and customer-centricity.

Barenbrug’s UK operations will benefit through the Watson Group’s retail capabilities and will strengthen Barenbrug’s Scottish presence. Barenbrug will combining Watson Group’s farm trails and continue observation work with their own Scottish variety trails. This acquisition will allow Barenbrug to continue expanding in the UK’s grass-seed market.

Watson Group will now have access to Barenbrug’s grass-seed knowledge, genetics and material, and technical support through the acquisition. Watson Group will be able to continue growing through consolidating their resources.

Barenbrug UK and Watson Group will continue functioning as separate identities following this acquisition. Business relationships will remain the same and customers will still receive the same level of service, broaden by a second company’s expertise.

“I’m delighted to see Watson Group acquired by a company that truly understands our business,” said Johnny Watson, founder and owner Watson Group. “This is a meeting of minds between two companies with a shared commitment to excellence in grass. With Barenbrug’s formidable resources — global R&D, genetic know-how and technical support — we’ll be able to address even more of our customers’ challenges and opportunities. An exciting chapter lies ahead!”

“We are very proud to welcome Watson Group to the Barenbrug family,” said Paul Johnson, Managing Director Barenbrug UK. “Barenbrug UK’s acquisition of Watson Group reflects the strength of our long-standing relationship, and the close alignment of our ethos and values. Making Watson Group part of our company will significantly enhance our offering in Scotland, adding to our existing locations and strengthening our position across the UK. As such, it’s a major milestone for our growing UK business.”