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Meet Amanda Patin, Seed World U.S. Editorial Board Member


Amanda Patin is the business development director for U.S. Crop Sciences at SGS North America, Inc.

She holds a master’s degree in agricultural education and a thesis in entomology from the University of Arizona. In 2000, following her work in insecticide resistance with a publication in Nature, Amanda began working with seed testing at SGS North America, Inc. as the Contract Laboratory research director.

During the following 17 years, she designed and conducted research studies to evaluate seed amendments, improve current seed testing methods, develop new testing methods, evaluate mechanical damage caused during seed harvest and conditioning and assess various seed amendments for both physiological and mechanical effects to the seed and seedling.

Since 2017, Amanda has been the key account manager for Seed at SGS North America, Inc. and in 2022 became the business development director for SGS Crop Sciences. Over the last 24 years Amanda has been honored to participate on various American Seed Trade Association committees and has chaired the Seed Industry Relations Committee as well as the Seed Treatment and Environmental Committee. She has also had the opportunity to serve on the Seed Science Foundation subject matter panel has also acted as an associate editor for Seed Technology.

Amanda is passionate about providing customer care and technical expertise in seed testing to help others grow their seed quality testing knowledge while providing seed assessment services for quality and newly developed products. In Brookings, South Dakota, Amanda spends her spare time being outdoors with her family. She also enjoys traveling to new places and cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Why she serves on the Seed World U.S. editorial board: “Albert Einstein once said, ‘When you stop learning you start dying.’ History shows us one of the best ways to learn is through stories. Seed World U.S. highlights the seed industry’s passionate people and their businesses, alongside telling the stories of new technology and industry challenges and solutions. By serving on the editorial board, I am allowed to share in the learning and enthusiasm of an industry which I am very passionate about.”

What do you love about the seed industry?

Not only does it help feed the world, but it is also ever changing, full of innovation as well as great people.

What do you see as an opportunity for the seed industry in the future?

There is so much to look forward to for the seed industry but some of the best opportunities are in diversification to meet the expanding tastes and live styles as well as embracing urban farming.