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East-West Seed Works to Conserve Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an important topic of concern. With biodiversity declining in both plants and animals, the UN has reported almost a million species are now threatened according to a release.

“The loss of biodiversity threatens our global ecosystem, food security and public health,” said Marilyn Belarmino, East-West Seed genetic resource manager. “It is our shared responsibility to spread awareness on the importance of biodiversity as our insurance to securing food and health for future generations. We need to act now to halt or reverse biodiversity loss by understanding and promoting the sustainable use of our biological resources.”

Seeds can be used as a tool to preserve biodiversity by regenerating species and helping ecosystems through changing environments. East-West Seed is utilizing multiple resources, like gene banks, to preserve seed collections for future generations.

East-West Seed also has diverse germplasms to support various breeding and research programs. By preserving wild crop relatives and heirloom varieties, it ensures as farmers switch to improved varieties, the previous varieties do not disappear.

When farmers plant a variety of crops, it creates a more diverse ecosystem which helps to maintain balance and promote biodiversity.

Sustainable agricultural is also important to preserve the environment and it is important to take into consideration the different needs of different types of farmers.

According to the release, “By promoting sustainable agriculture, we help conserve natural resources, protect biodiversity, while promoting economic growth and social equity.”