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Lindsay Corporation and Pessl Instruments Announce Collaboration

(Source: Lindsay Corporation)

Lindsay Corporation and Pessl Instruments announced a “strategic, global partnership focused on combining Pessl’s field monitoring systems” with Lindsay’s FieldNET remote irrigation management platform according to a release.

“We understand the challenges that farmers face in managing the irrigation for their field, and at Pessl, we are deeply committed to providing them with the tools they need to make their operation efficient and sustainable,” said Gottfried Pessl, CEO & founder of Pessl Instruments.

Growers will now be able to access certain Pessl field monitoring within the FieldNET platform. This will provide users will real-time insights into crop water needs and enhances the “ability to remotely monitor, control, analyze and apply irrigation recommendations.”

“This partnership will leverage the combined expertise of Pessl and Lindsay; it will combine cutting-edge technologies and revolutionize how farmers manage their irrigation, logistics and plant protection. Pessl and Lindsay as partners will enable farmers not only to understand what their crops need, but also to help them make the right decisions at the right time, saving them time and resources,” added Pessl.

Pessl’s field monitoring solutions being within the FieldNET platform allows growers to have the capability to monitor and adjust operations based on temperature, rainfall, evapotranspiration and soil moisture. Growers will also have access to the FieldNET Advisor and Pessl’s field monitoring systems to expand the predictive analytics.

“Through our partnerships with growers worldwide, we have learned that in-depth analytics are critical to informing key decisions before, during and after the growing season,” said Gustavo Oberto, president of Global Irrigation at Lindsay. “Adding the additional capabilities in soil moisture and weather monitoring that Pessl has developed and field,tested will enable our growers to gain even greater confidence in the irrigation management decisions they make using FieldNET and in the recommendations provided by FieldNET Advisor, utilizing predictive analytics to determine where, when and how much to irrigate.”