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Data from the World and European Seed Market

Dr. Nomman Ahmed presented at the The EU and World Seed Market – a sneak preview of a new data collection panel during the Section Forage and Grasses at Euroseeds 2023 in Malta according to a release.

Ahmed, senior director of Insights & Consulting at Kynetec, shared insights from global agricultural markets. He shared data and trends, stating that currently corn, wheat, soybeans, rice and barley are global favourites, the Top Five, making up 90% of global value and 85% of global cropping area. The seed market saw year-over-year market growth of 5.1%. Aside from the Top Five, rapeseed and rice led cropping area growth in harvest year 2022.

Reporting globally showed that from European harvest year 2022, results were stable “with grower behaviour in seed remaining by and large unchallenged.”

There was consistency between spring and winter cropping selections and seed value growth was driven by wheat, barley, rapeseed and sunflower. There was a decrease in sugar beet and corn, which could be because there are more challenges growing it because of a reduction in neonic use exemptions. Farmers may have been opting for a safer crop and corn was also challenged by drought during harvest over the last few years.

Russia is still dominating wheat seed value, four times ahead of Ukraine, which falls in second place, and 10 times ahead of other wheat producing countries. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a downstream supply, which has been unnerving, but seed has still been planted.

Silage, biogas and maize grain decreased in cropping area. However, there was a demand increase in silaging maize and biogas.

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