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Barley Unveiled: Learn About Beer’s Core Ingredient

The world’s brewing industry is a vibrant and dynamic sector that relies on a multitude of factors to produce a beverage enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Among the key ingredients that make beer the flavorful drink it is, malting barley is a crucial component. On the June 14 episode of Seed Speaks, we delve into the importance of malting barley to the brewing industry, gaining insights from experts in the field.

Aaron Beattie, University of Saskatchewan: As a malting barley breeder in Saskatoon, Aaron will provide some key insights into the breeding process and how he goes about delivering what maltsters and brewers want.

Doug Munro, Boortmalt: As a Winnipeg-based merchandising manager for one of the world’s biggest malting companies, Doug knows what makes good malt and what the malting industry wants in barley varieties.

Dan Simpson, Sookram’s Brewing: Based in Winnipeg, Man., Sookram’s serves Winnipeggers modern craft beer at its taproom and brewery. Dan will speak to how malting barley adds character to beer and what he as a brewer looks for in quality malt.

Peter Watts, Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre: Also based in Winnipeg, Peter oversees the daily operations of the CMBTC including program management, strategic planning, financial  oversight and budgeting, member relations, research initiatives as well as communications and marketing. He’ll speak to what the broader value chain wants from malting barley and how adoption of newer varieties is key to supporting the development of the crop.

Join us on June 14 at 12 p.m. CDT at the YouTube link below!