Get to Know All Four of Your Seed World Editors

Today is a great day to get to know YOUR Seed World editors… all four of them. Though you likely already know your own region’s editor, our publications’ consolidation under the Seed World brand and our recent shift to house all of those publications under a single global website means our readers in any one region now gain access to the expertise, insight and efforts of all four of these seed industry thought leaders.

In this video, we chat passion and drive with Marcel Bruins, editorial director of Seed World Europe; Marc Zienkiewicz, senior editor of Seed World Canada; Aimee Nielson, editor of Seed World U.S.; and Elena Mansur, editor of Seed World LATAM. What makes each of our editors hop out of bed each morning, keen to bring you the latest news and perspective from across their region? What makes them choose to invest their energy and commitment in the seed sector each and every day? What are they excited about bringing you next? 

Grab a coffee and join us for a chat about why they’re inspired and what they aim to achieve as we work together to push the global seed sector to new heights.